How To Calculate Macronutrients

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Before we get into today's lesson, we want to be clear that this is just a generic recommendation -- everyone is different and setting up someones' macros is subject to change

Firstly, you want to set up your calories

A typical multiplier for your maintenance calories is a range from 13-15 calories of your lean body mass. For example, if your LBM is 120 lbs., your maintenance calories is approx. 1,800 (120X15).


is the first macronutrient you want to determine, as it is the most crucial to ensure you are consuming enough of. 

Remember that for 1g of protein there are 4 calories. A general recommendation is to consume 1g of protein per lb of BW. For our example, your protein target would be 120g (1gx120lb). 

This leaves 1320 calories [1800-(120*4)] to be allocated to fat and carbs


is the next macronutrient we want to determine. Fat is essential to our everyday health and has negative effects on our hormones if we aren't consuming enough of it. 

For 1g of fat there are 9 calories. As a rule of thumb, approximately 30% of your calories should come from fat to ensure you are consuming an adequate amount.

For our example, your fat target would be 44g [30%*[(1800-(120*4)]/9]. This leaves 925 calories [1800-(120*4)-(44*9)] to be allocated to carbs


are last macronutrient that require allocation. Whatever is leftover after determining your protein target and fat target should be allocated to your carb allotment

For 1g of carb there are 4 calories. For our example, your carb intake would be approx. 230g [1800-(120*4)-(44*9)]/4

Again, this is just a generic example. Those who have been tracking for awhile typically have very adaptive metabolisms, where they are able to consume and maintain weight on more calories. For example, coach Krysten is able to maintain her current weight of 110lbs on 2300 calories; whereas this formula would suggest her maintenance calories to be 1650 (110*15).

So make sure you are aware of your situation and adjust your caloric intake to your body type and goals.

Make sure you check out the video below to learn more about calculating your macronutrients!


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