Dealing With Gym Intimidation

Hello and welcome back to a new blog post, where we help you ignite your inner athlete.

Today, I want to discuss A common concern I am noticing lately, which is the lack of confidence in the gym. You know so many people (both men and women) are afraid of the gym. Gym intimidation is a very real thing. It’s scary at first! You’re wandering around aimlessly, worrying about doing things wrong, worrying about getting hurt or maybe it’s just worrying about whether people are judging you

I totally get it! I’ve been there! Omg I used to be so afraid of the gym — so sincerely, I totally get it. But I’ve also overcome it. You know this fear that the gym is just a scary place often isn’t as bad as you may think. Sure it’s scary at first, most things we’ve never done before are. But I promise you’re going to be ok.


How? Well you have to create confidence. It’s that simple, really. Confidence is the answer.

Well how the heck do we do that?

Firstly you just have to have intention. The intent that you are not going to be afraid of the gym. We can always change our attitudes, that’s #1. no matter what situation we are in we will always have 100% control over our attitudes Our attitude. So start off with the intention that you will not be afraid of the gym. I don’t care if you have to sit in your car for 15mins before you get in there and say to yourself “I am not afraid, I deserve to be in their, my family deserves for me to take care of myself, I got this I got this I got this.” Whatever it is you have to say, intention is key here.

We feel what we focus on, even if it’s not true. So if you constantly say to yourself the gym is a scary place and I’m going to fail, get hurt or look like an idiot — how do you think you are going to feel every time the thought of the gym crosses your mind? Like jeez, I’d be afraid to if I said that to myself every single day. Shift your focus, shift your intention

Ok next way to increase your confidence is to know your why. What are your goals, what do you want to get out of this, what are you hoping to accomplish. Knowing your true meaning for doing something, whether that’s intrinsic or extrinsic, can completely shift your confidence. Having a deep meaning for hitting the gym will really turn that task into a must versus a should, it will really start pulling you versus pushing you. So what’s your deep Meaning? I don’t just mean to get a good work out or to lose 10 lbs. no no no, there’s more to it than that. Isn’t it true? Maybe it’s to live a long life for your kids, or to feel youthful and young so you can keep up to your grandkids? Or perhaps it’s to set an example for your family because they are struggling with their health more than you and they need someone to guide them. Or maybe it’s to simply show off what that ex husband is missing. Whatever your why is, that’s your why. So define it, rock it and own it

Next way to increase confidence and probably the most important reason of all is to simply be component. The more component you become, the more confident you will feel over time. You don’t have to think about it, the task almost becomes automatic. The only way to become component in the gym is to actually

Go to the gym. You have to go! You have to go when you may not feel like you know what you are doing.  But I Promise over time it will get easier. As cliche as it sounds “practice makes perfect.” Well practice builds confidences. So get on a training program, hire a fitness coach to give you some guidance so you at least have some idea of what you should be doing. Don’t just go into the gym each day and wing it, have a plan and a purpose before you get there. 

Simply give it time and practice. It will get so much easier I promise you. You just have to stick to you


Once you set that intention you start to feel yourself gain some momentum, and once you know your why you can then sustain that momentum and after some growing pains and consistency, soon you will be unstoppable in the gym. 

Over time it will start to feel like it’s not so bad, you stop dreading going so much, and soon friends want to go with you because you are making such positive changes and then maybe your why shifts from helping yourself to helping others around you feel as confident as you are

Thank you for checking out this weeks post! Look forward to chatting with you next week