“If you asked my last year what I thought about the gym or invited me to go with you I would have laughed in your face and said hell no. I used to make fun of my partner for being so serious about the gym and getting frustrated when he couldn't go.  The gym was for health nuts and macho men. Not for me, no thank you, no way.  I'm not one of those people. Then I became a mom and realized I wanted to make changes to my life and health habits so I could be a better role model for my son. I wanted the energy and strength to keep up with him, to not be winded if we played a game of tag or be able to pick him up when he falls down.

I realized I wanted to start going to the gym and eating better. I didn't know where to start though and was actually scared to go to the gym. I had NO idea where to start. So I hired you and it was the best investment I've ever made (aside from buying a house haha) Within a month I was feeling comfortable in the gym and tracking my macros. At first it was hard, would people be judging me knowing I was a newbie? What if I looked dumb figuring out the machines or how to do my exercises. Once I started going all those fears went away and so did my prejudices about "gym goers". It's really just other people like me trying to better their lives.

What I didn't expect to happen though was my love for going. All of a sudden this thing I made fun of all my life now became my sanity as a new mom. My place to just focus on me for a bit and let off all the stresses and concerns that plague me. In turn it's helped me be a better mom and partner because it helps me keep my mind right while navigating the murky waters of being a first time mom. To me this is the biggest win. Sure my body comp is getting better and I'm learning healthy habits that I can pass down to my son, but the change in mindset is the most rewarding.

Having your support was so crucial because I honestly would have not known where to start with out you. You celebrated my wins with me and didnt make me feel like I was dumb for any questions I had or if I had an off week. I can tell you truely care about your clients and this isnt just money for you. So thank you this has been such a rewarding 3 months and I so look forward to working with you again in the future”

- Amanda Gertz

“When I stumbled across the Natty hour on Instagram, I was excited. Krysten has a really positive outlook and is completely body positive. I was excited about starting but unsure if it was going to be the same result of the years of similar experiences trying program after program.

Krysten has changed my life in 12weeks. I’ve gained sustainable realistic weight loss, I’ve gained strength and the beginnings of muscle definition like I’ve never experienced before but  I think the best is she helped me break my starve, binge starve cycle. 

I was eating 1200 calories working out 5 days a week and going no where. No muscles no weight loss. Frustrated I’d binge and emotional eat in absolute garbage and continue to spin my tires. 

Krysten showed me how eating well for my body and not punishing myself for hiccups has been the most realistic and healthy relationship I’ve ever had with food. I’ve recently separated from a relationship of 10yrs a marriage of 7 and I didn’t dive off the deep end into gallons of Ben and Jerry’s like I would have. I dug deep with her support and advice hit the gym for therapy and ate well, if I needed a little sweet in my coffee as a pick me up one afternoon, so what? Did the world end? No. 

I am astonished with the changes in my mindset and body. I’ve never before looked at food as fuel it’s always been good or bad, or comforting...12 weeks and I realize it’s fuel. I listen to how I feel with what I eat and the support through training, heart mind soul and food has been invaluable to me. 

Thank you Krysten and Natty hour seriously never thought I’d ever have a healthy relationship with food.”

- Crystal Parenteau

“I have always been the skinny girl who was told to put on some weight or questioned if I was anorexic (which I never have been!). Just like the people who constantly hear they weigh too much, those words and comments hurt the skinny people too. All through my 20's, I was a regular gym user but 2 kids later and a busy lifestyle, you tend to lose yourself and the image you once had of yourself. I already had all the tools in my pocket: great fitness plan and nutrition knowledge; but, I was still missing something. Enter my accountability support system: Krysten. She and I worked really hard on my mental health and mindset. I explored a lot of 'why do I want to do this' and my overall goals stretching beyond the challenge. It took time to learn that I wasn't going to be the ideal body that I envisioned overnight and to stop letting myself feel discouraged. Suddenly, pieces started to click together: I started scheduling myself into the calendar and not cancelling that gym date with myself; allowing myself to have a bad day and not quit for the entire week; evaluating my mood at the end of each day and the factors that played into it. Physically I have a lot of work left to reach my fitness goal, but I know it doesn't happen in 12 weeks, so until then I will keep working on my body and mind!”

- Tasha Kelly

“This has been my 3rd challenge with you guys and honestly it has been the best one. In the last 12 weeks I have pushed myself and reached new goals that I never thought possible. I never actually thought I struggled with binge eating until I start the program and now it’s basically not even a thing for me. I am still not at my goal yet but I’m closer then I ever thought I’d was. I’m happier in my own skin. As well I’m not a miserable bag whole dieting and I think that is SO important, I don’t get mad at people when they eat foods around me I couldn’t eat before and while on this program I can! I still have my pizza Tuesdays and treat myself every once in awhile. My relationship with food has become a healthy one. As for the gym I have been notice so much more muscle gain. I used to go to the gym and never really saw much improvement and now I have awesome quads my upper body strength has double I’m so close to being able to open a pickle jar on my own 😂 and I CANNOT say enough about you Krysten. How supportive you are an encouraging. When I mess up on a week you don’t make me feel bad you just encourage me to get back on track and I think that is soooo important! I’m so happy that I have found this plan it has completely change my life and the way I view food and family outings out for dinner! Thank you thank you!! ♥️ 
Here is to another amazing 12 weeks of gains!”

- Vickie Husband

“Just wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to an awesome Coach Krysten Janzen! She's sweet, down to earth, super supportive, knowledgable and the best coach you could ask for in your fitness journey towards achieving your goals! I highly recommend hiring Krysten @ The Natty Hour if you're looking for a coach who truly cares about not only your fitness goals but doing so in a healthy, sustainable manner. She truly believes in helping you achieve not only your short term goals but also your long term goals to make this fitness lifestyle a way of life for the long haul, not a quick fix. Her responses to you are never cookie cutter, she will even take the time to do personalized voice msg feedbacks when she can and is always a quick text or email away.

It's a nice touch and makes it feel so much more personable, like working with a friend you can trust. Everything about your program with her is custom to you and only you as it should be. She also believes in IIFYM approach, which not only makes this process more fun but also sustainable to eat the foods you love and enjoy. She understand that life can be crazy and will work with your schedule and give you the perfect training plan to suit your needs.

She will never judge and will always be in your corner helping you get back up when you need it most and never kick you when your down or make you feel bad if you're not perfect. That's just not her style.

Wish I had a coach like her many years ago when I first started my fitness journey! If you want the THENATTYHOUR!”



“Natty hour rocks! I learned how much food my body actually needs to gain muscle as well as how to build a sustainable workout program! I had awesome results! Try them out you won’t regret it



“Krysten has changed my life! Her positive attitude, constant encouragement and guidance gave me confidence and belief in myself. I never imagined I could achieve my goals so quickly. Working with Krysten has been invaluable, I learned so much from her and Kyle. Would highly recommend their program to anyone!”



“There is so much that I can say about the Natty Hour, and I am so thankful that I was able to do this 8 week program and honestly I am really sad that it has ended. But I know I can always count on the Natty Hour family and Krysten and Kyle.

Not only did my body change in the 8 weeks, but my complete mindset about myself, body and outlook when it comes to the gym and eating changed drastically and I could not be more happy. Krysten was always there for me whenever I needed anything and really brought my confidence up 100%. Thanks to my amazing coach I have a healthy relationship for food, and I know what my body is capable of and its a hell of a lot than what I always thought.

Even though my 8 week challenge is sadly over, I will definitely be doing another program soon. I have tried doing different programs and workouts for awhile now but this is the only one I have actually completed without any problems and have seen such a big difference in my body.

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING and I am so thankful I am apart of the NattyHour family



“Words cannot express the confidence I have gained through Krysten and Kyle’s coaching with The Natty Hour. Krysten and Kyle were able to develop an amazing workout plan for me that made me look forward to going to the gym rather than dreading my daily workout. They took the time to fully educate me on why I should track my food intake and how to do so, which has been an amazing tool for me. Krysten and Kyle even went out of their way to debunk any fat loss myths I was curious about, using their research-backed evidence. Not all days are perfect, but when I was having a tough day Krysten’s kind words of encouragement were what I needed to get through my workouts. I found that at the beginning of my fitness journey, I was always focused on the final outcome. The Natty Hour has taught me how to love the process, which has made me a happier person inside and out of the gym. If you’re looking for coaches to empower you throughout your fitness journey and provide you with invaluable fitness information, The Natty Hour are your people!”



“Working with Krysten and Kyle at the Natty Hour has been an amazing experience. Since day one of working with them they have provided a wealth of knowledge, support, and encouragement. They always have helpful advice and tips to share with not only their clients, but with anyone who views their social media content.

They are readily available and quick to respond to questions, they keep clients engaged in their online community, and you get a sense that they really do care for their clients. They have a true passion for health and fitness and it shows in their work and communications. They are professional and have a very warm disposition which allows for open communication. At first, I was a little unsure of how online coaching would work and how effective it would be, but I enjoyed it a lot. I have been working with them for 7 months and have never felt more mentally and physically balanced, healthy, and strong as I do today.

The Natty Hour is hands down one of the best coaching teams out there and I would recommend these two to anyone who has any sort of fitness or health goals that they need help with achieving.”



"I remember being 113 lbs. This was a weight that was only part of my life for a somewhat short time (maybe a couple years). I wouldn't say this weight was the most healthy as I worked lots and ate candy to satisfy hunger and have energy! It didn't hurt this lifestyle allowed me to maintain my weight! Now older, I found myself reminiscing about this weight I once maintained and felt that I would be happier if I weighed that again! Was I happier at 113? NO WAY! After starting the Natty Hour's program, I have reached for new goals, all towards becoming my healthiest self! 

Before the 12 week program I would be scared to work out in the weight room where I assumed "hardcore" gym go-ers worked out. Now, I don't even think twice about being in that room. In fact, I have gained support at the gym with other gym members since I have asked strangers how to use equipment. The workout community is amazing! 

Then next thing I need to mention is the weight training aspect of this journey for me. I would have never thought I would have gained such satisfaction from lifting heavier weights each week. Once I started feeling muscle in my arms and legs I felt a rush to keep going! Overall working hard at the gym made me feel good and proud of myself for not using "I have a baby" as an excuse not to be strong and healthy! 

Tracking my macros has allowed me to balance my diet in a maintainable way. At first I was questioning "Can I really have this Bun with my burger?" Quickly my mindset changed to "I need to eat a burger with the bun to fit my macros." Definitely can't complain about that! I have an overall sense now about what to be eating in a day. For example, I know my snacks in the day should have protein in them to meet my macro targets! I also realized that I eat way more fruits than veggies and I need to be conscious of getting in my fibre and to meal prep veggies to make it more convenient!

I want to keep going to the gym even on days I don't feel like it. But also be ok when I can't go to the gym because I know life is a balancing act! Thank you guys for your help and support and for your time to answer questions and mentor. You guys rock and I can't wait to keep going and embrace my new lifestyle."



"I honestly don’t know how I would have had the motivation to continue to press on and keep to my plan without the basic teachings The Natty hour has offered.

I just want to attest to not only the wonderful information I’ve learned and gained but the support I’ve felt along the way. I am so excited to be continuing on in the winter challenge group to continue to learn and grow. I love being a part of The Natty hour team."



"Krysten, I don't even know where to start. Thank you for all your assistance over the past 2 months. As my training progressed with you, you have continued to provide me with some amazing feedback and guidance that has truly helped me understand what balance truly means. In such a short time, I've lost 13 pounds, and 6 inches altogether. In this short time I was also on a two week vacation where I didn't track any of my food. Ultimately, you shouldn't be tracking for the rest of your life however, you should be aware of the food you are consuming and how much of it. Krysten played a huge part in my success by being the best coach for me. Giving me weekly progress feedback, keeping me accountable and, always being available to answer any questions I had. The Natty Hour isn't just for losing weight; it's for so many things. Everyone's goals are tailored to what success looks for them. So happy you were my coach and I will continue to say great things about you as an individual and as my coach!"



“I have been in a 3 month program with Krysten. She was recommended to me through a close friend and am forever thankful for this journey. She is passionate about what she does and it shows in every way. She has helped me learn so much about myself and I will be forever thankful for this experience. My mind and body have come such a long away in just 3 months thanks to her.

I would recommend Krysten to everyone I know and everyone I don't. She is endlessly inspiring in every way! She knows just what to say to give you that extra push when you feel you just don't have it in you. She taught me that all my feelings are normal and we all get them. It's mind over everything! If you are serious about changing your life, Krysten will lead you in every step of the way. She will get you to where you want to be in every aspect of your goal and beyond. This 3 month journey with Krysten may be over but her inspiration will continue to push me farther and I will only get better and stronger. You will not be disappointed! Thank you so much Krysten! You are the absolute best!!”



"Before I started with Krysten I was a chronic yo-yo dieter. I was always looking for the next gimmick that was going to solve all my problems. I had no idea how to eat properly. According to the scale, I was the lightest I had been since high school, but when I looked in the mirror I still wasn't happy with what I saw. My husband suggested training with Krysten. It did not take long to see the physical changes and that had me hooked. On days where I had doubts, she was always there with words of encouragement to help me through my struggles. I gained the confidence and knowledge in the gym to feel comfortable there no matter what time of day it was or who was there.

Krysten also taught me about Flexible dieting. I soon started working on my nutrition with her. This is where she really helped me. I learned to eat to fuel my body to build muscle, not because I was bored or feeling sad. More importantly I learned that life isn't about dieting and being the skinniest. I didn't need to be afraid to go out to gatherings or take my son for ice cream. Life is about living and enjoying the moments we have, not being afraid to eat. Being able to fit the foods I like into my routine really make it a lifestyle. Not a diet I will have to follow for the rest of my life.

Working with Krysten helped my to gain the confidence in myself I had always been searching for and the drive to always chase greatness!"



“I feel great and the program was awesome. The amount I learned was unbelievable and I feel stronger. No matter what your food preference is, for example if you are vegetarian, love pasta or need chocolate, this program will still show results and let you be who you are. I recommend this to anyone who has struggled with yo-yo diets and who wants to just get stronger and achieve greatness. Thank you Krysten. You rock girl!!!”



 “I hadn't exercised regularly for at least six years when I started the Fall Into Fitness Challenge. I would try a new routine and it would last less than a week. With Krysten's help, I have now been exercising regularly for three months and achieved my original goal of feeling and being strong and having more energy. Krysten adjusted both the fitness and nutrition programs she built to better fit with my life. I have lost both weight and inches and recently realized I am no longer taking Ibuprofen regularly due to back and neck pain. I highly recommend THENATTYHOUR to anyone wanting to improve their fitness or nutrition.”



“Thank you so much, Krysten for helping me with my fitness journey! I finally understand how to count my macros and love how easy it is. I am finally ready for the next chapter in my life, after working through all these lfestyle changes with Krysten. I am happy to say that I have a better understanding of health and loving who I am no matter what, thanks to THENATTYHOUR !” 



“I honestly have NEVER be able to lose weight on my own, and with my wedding quickly approaching I thought why the heck not try something different, so I signed up for the nutrition portion with Krysten, and I've never been happier! I went from 158-140 in about 3 months; the progress was slow which is what has helped keep the weight off! She was always ready to help at the drop of a hat, whether it was to change up the meals a bit or if it was just for a little extra motivation at midnight! It's amazing how eating right can make you feel a million times better than eating crap! I would definitely recommend Krysten to my friends, family and strangers whether you want help with your food intake or exercise she can do it all! Thank you THENATTYHOUR!!”



“Throughout the last ten years, I have directed my focus to the importance of balance; living and eating clean, in unison with steady consistent exercises. But despite my best efforts, I discovered with great frustration, I was not achieving the results I had hoped for. My time during this 90 day “Flexible Dieting Challenge” and thanks to Krysten’s extensive knowledge, I feel more confident that I’m able to structure my life with what I’ve learned and know it’s possible for me to lose weight, gain strength and feel confident without feeling deprived at the dinner table. Krysten’s approach is encouraging, practical and professional. I found the “Flexible Diet Challenge” easy to follow and adapt to my daily life. Krysten’s informative monthly newsletters included several delicious recipes which gave me an appreciation for diet and nutrition. I now feel I am more aware of my food choices and I have a better understanding of the term “you are what you eat.” Thanks to Krysten and her program I am well on my way to a healthier lifestyle.”



“I'm so happy with the results that I achieved and the enormous amount of knowledge Krysten was able to provide me! I have to say that her program is amazing and is really geared to the everyday person. I love that she is so encouraging no matter what the results are!”



“I started working with Krysten when I was at a very low point in my life. I was struggling with my body image as well as my self-confidence.  I was very hesitant to try yet another diet, as I had failed so many before.  Krysten really took her time listen to my concerns and develop a meal plan that worked for me.  After the first week I was blown away by the weight I was losing... but more so I was blown away by how easy the meal plan was and how remarkably well I adjusted to it.  Another hurtle of mine was working out.  More specifically working out at a gym... in front of others that all seemed to be well on their way to their fitness goals.  It was very intimidating.  Krysten pretty much did everything but hold my hand through this process.  She taught me that everyone is there working on themselves and trying to become a better version of themselves... so in that aspect I am no different than them.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to Krysten for all she has taught me.   She is a wonderful motivator and shows her clients a great deal of dedication to their fitness and nutrition goals.  I highly recommend THENATTYHOUR!”