Summer Challenge: Coach Yourself

Summer Challenge: Coach Yourself

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This is a great option for those who don’t need someone to hold them accountable week to week.

You will be assigned a NATTYHOUR MENTOR who will provide you with your own training program, as well as your own nutrition program. Your mentor will provide guidelines for you to implement yourself and achieve your fitness goals during the 12 week challenge.

You mentor will check in with you once a month during the challenge to provide any guidance needed and you will be added to our private NATTYHOUR group where you can direct any questions you may have

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: I have a friend who wants to do this with me! What should we do?

A: You both will be entitled for our GROUP RATE! So make sure you email us so we can register you manually to provide you both with your group rate!

Q: Can I workout from home?

A: You will need access to free weights, cable machines, barbells, smith machine, leg press, benches, squat rack, and various other pieces of equipment.

Q: Am I still eligible for the price?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Is the plan vegan friendly?

A: Yep! With a flexible dieting approach, you can fill your macros daily with the foods you enjoy